Statement Regarding Christ the King Church, Indianapolis

Christ the King Church, a mission work established in the Fall of 2012 by Clearnote Fellowship, has prayerfully decided to close its doors. Even in the best of circumstances, new church plants are tenuous things. The work is tremendous, and the strain of it often brings to the surface personal struggles and sins previously unseen. In this case, when the family life of lead pastor David Baker became strained to the breaking point, the decision was made, in consultation with godly pastors and elders and also an independent counseling service, that David should resign his position as minister and begin attending another church for the sake of his marriage and family—his first and most sacred calling. Please join us in praying for David and Marta and their family as they seek the Lord’s help for the peace and stability of their home.

David’s resignation left the fledgling plant in a weak position going forward, leading soon after to the dissolution of the church. But thanks be to God for His abundant provision! Our dear brothers at Neighborhood Fellowship Church, seeking a way to help Clearnote Fellowship in its work in Indianapolis, were delighted in the end to receive the small and committed congregation of souls into their own, and with their help to begin a new Sunday morning worship service there. We’re thankful for these brothers and their sacrificial love for all the saints. Please pray for Neighborhood Fellowship and the good work God is pleased to do through them every day.

Pastor Paul Belcher, who assisted David in leading the church, has also been attending Neighborhood Fellowship, awaiting direction from the Lord concerning his future and ministry. This direction appears now to have come. Paul and Jessica are hoping to join Joseph and Heidi Bayly in the work of planting a new church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Please pray for God’s continued leading in this new and exciting venture.

David Baker and Paul Belcher, together with their wives, are grateful for all the prayers and support they’ve received from many these past two years, and especially for those who came faithfully to worship with them each week.

May God be pleased to continue to advance His Church in Indianapolis, and to send forth laborers into His harvest.

For Christ’s glory and kingdom,

Rev. Max Curell (on behalf of Clearnote Fellowship)